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If you have made some edits or other changes (including adding or removing portlets) and they don't appear straightaway when you look at the site pages it is probably because of the caching that is taking place in Falcon sites with domain names. (Before you have a domain name the sites aren't being cached, so you won't see the problem.) Try flushing the cache of your browser (or setting it to zero) or telling your browser to visit every page on every visit., and then do a force reload. There are other instructions available at for clearing your browser.

You should be able to force a page reload using:

Chrome: Shift+Reload or Shift+F5
Chrome on Mac: cmd+Shift+R
Firefox: Shift+Reload or Ctrl+Shift+R (Shift+F5 does nothing)
MSIE 8/9/10/11: Ctrl+Reload or Ctrl+F5 (Shift+Reload/Shift+F5 does nothing)
Opera: Shift+Reload or F5 (Shift+F5 does nothing)
Safari:    Shift+Reload  or F5            (Shift+F5 does nothing)

If you use other browsers please set us know. If this state remains after a short period, mail  with details.