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Adding users with access to Shibboleth IDs

Users affiliated with other educational and research institutions may already have Shibboleth IDs. The easiest way to fin out is to go to a site registered with the UK Federation (such as and click on 'Login with Shibboleth', in the top right of the screen.

You will see the UK Federation login screen, which looks like this:

Either look at the pop-down list or type in the name, and you may see the name of the institution. Users who do not belong to a suitable institution can obtain a third-party id from

You will have to request that makes your site accessible with Shibboleth IDs, and then it will have two login buttons, as do the sites mentioned above.

Adding users

To add someone with a Shibboleth ID, adding them either by making an entry in the Research Directory or by adding them under Site setup > Users and Groups, you enter their name and email address and then click on the 'invite' button. They will receive an email invitation to log in and their credentials will be collected by Falcon when they do.

Logging in to a Shibboleth authenticated site

When you click a link or type the url to access a Shibboleth-protected site, you will first see the UK Federation login screen, which looks like this:

You will need to either select your home organisation from the (long) pop-down list or search by keyword to find it, and then select it. indiid is one of the options.

Once you have selected your home organisation, their authentication screen will be displayed and you will log in as usual.

If you have a user with a Shibboleth ID for a home organisation outside the UK please get in touch ().