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NB: Never give 'logged-in users' edit/add access to the site - this will include anyone who can Raven authenticate. It's best not to use 'logged-in users' for sharing permissions at all.

In some circumstances you may wish for a site that only allows users with Raven IDs to access it. This is quite straightforward to do, by following the steps detailed below:

  • Go to 'Site setup' and, from under 'Plone configuration' select Types.
  • You will see a screen that looks like this:

Default screen for setting workflow

  • Set the pop-down list next to 'New workflow' to Intranet/Extranet workflow. Once you have done this a second section of text and settings will appear below.
  • Under 'State mapping', change the 'Published' setting from 'Pending review' to 'Internally published'. The setting for 'Pending review' and 'Private' do not change.
  • Click on 'Apply changes'
  • Now go to your site home page and in the editing bar click on the 'Sharing' tab.
  • Search for 'Cambridge users', and tick the box 'Can view' - the screen should now look like this:

Setting Cambridge users for site

  • Save this setting. Since this setting has been done on the home page and is set to be inherited, all folders will assume similar settings, which will be shown by a white and green tick.


You will notice on the editing bar 'View' tab that pages will now have a different set of options under 'state':

Normal publication state, published  or Normal publication state, unpublished


has changed to either Usual state options or  States on Cambridge-only pages or Internally published state


Reversing 'Cambridge-only' access

  • Go to 'Site setup' and, from under 'Plone configuration' select Types.
  • Change 'New workflow' to Simple publication workflow
  • In the 'State Mapping' settings that will then appear, change both 'Internally published' and 'Externally visible' from 'Private' to Published
  • The sharing settings that were changed will be cancelled by these changes having been made.
  • All pages will have been set back to being 'private' (unpublished) and you will have to go through and publish them to make them available. You can do this for groups of files by going through the 'contents' tab in the editing bar, selecting the folders and files, and clicking on the 'change state' button at the bottom of the contents table. On the following page you can choose to 'Include contained items' to publish everything in the folders you have selected.