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Cambridge-only access

You may wish to make one or two folders on your site accessible only to Cambridge users - here's how to do it:

  • Create your content, leaving it private rather than publishing it.
  • If you want people to see the folder but have to Raven-authenticate to see any content, make one of your private pages the default page for the folder.
  • Go to the top level of the folder for which you want to change the access and in the editing bar click on the 'Sharing' tab.
  • If you have chosen a default page for the folder, you will see the following at the top of the Sharing page - if you do, follow the link to change the settings for the whole folder.

Message directing you to container settings

  • Search for 'Cambridge users', and tick the box 'Can view' - the screen should now look like this:

Setting Cambridge users for site

  • Save this setting. Since this setting has been done on the folder and is set to be inherited, all sub-folders will assume similar settings, which will be shown by a white and green tick.

To add the folder to the navigation bar, go to the top level of the site and go to the Contents tab in the editing bar.

  • Check the box to the left of the folder you wish to change and click on 'Change state'
  • On the following screen, ensure you do not have a tick by 'Include contained items ' and then select 'Publish' from the option at the bottom of the page and save.

The item will now be in the navigation bar but when users check on it they will have to give their Raven details to access the content.

Limiting access to users or groups

You can use the same methodology as above to limit access to a group or to individuals - this can be access to view or access to add/edit. First you will need to add the users and/or create a group and then add those details to the sharing set up for the folder. Remember that the folder and its contents will need to be private for the restricted access to occur, but you can publish just the folder (and maybe the default page for the folder) in order to make it visible for users.