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Once you have created users for your site (either by adding them manually or creating profiles in the research directory), you can create a group and assign users to it, with a view to then allowing that group access to folders, files, etc. People with profiles in a research directory are automatically allocated to groups corresponding with the categories to which they are assigned.

A special virtual group exists in your Falcon site for 'Cambridge users', which consists of all Raven authenticated users. You can use this group for setting up 'Cambridge-only' access to folders  or to the whole site.

To create a group

  • A current admin user of the site must log in to it and go to 'Set Setup' (in the top right corner of the browser window).
  • Select 'Users and Groups', select 'groups' from the tab bar, and on the next screen select 'add new group'.
  • Once you have named and saved your group you can assign users to it. Users can be assigned to any number of groups.