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Giving add/edit access to users or groups

First you will need to add to the site the users and/or create a group. If you are giving access to more than one person then creating a group is an easy way - if people leave or need to be added then you only need to change who is in the group

Now add those details to the sharing set up for the folder or page. Click on the Sharing tab - if you are looking at the default page for a folder you will see the info box shown below, which points you to setting up sharing for the folder:

Use the search box to locate the individual or group you wish to give access. They will appear in the list on the page and you can check the boxed for 'Add' and/or 'Edit' then save. You can also use the 'Can manage personnel' box to give another person the rights to do this for you, and the 'Can review' box to allow them review rights for page.

To remove a person's rights, just reverse the process.

If you change the access for the folder, then this access is inherited throughout the folder.