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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

When your site is initially set up you are asked for some information about site name, administrators and a contact email for the site, which is recorded in the registration database. This will be setup within the site configuration and will be used for the site heading and the contact information on the pages, but in these places it can be changed.

  • Go to 'Site setup' (in the grey bar at the top right of the screen)
  • Go to Plone configuration > Site customisation, which shows you possible site-wide settings
  • Add the Site title
  • To add metadata to the teaser home page of the site, there are two fields to do this – Site description and Site keywords. The description should be a keyword-rich synopsis of the purpose of the site: the keywords (or phrases) should be words or phrases you think people might use to search for your site, but don’t occur on the home page.
  • Add an optional second line for your department or site title - sites that use this, for instance, are the Vet School (
  • Add a favicon, if you wish, which will appear in the tab on url bar of the browser (and get used in bookmarks). See for help or ask for advice.
  • Add a logo, if you want to, which will appear to the left of the site title. You must upload the image (see Adding images to your image directory). When it is added the image will be sized as a logo - the maximum size is 454px x 58px (proportion is maintained but one of those will be the maximum). If you have a logo that is proportioned so it is unusable at this height then contact us for advice.
  • Select a colour scheme from the list that are available.
  • Use University search engineallows you to select options for how your site search works.
    • If the box is not checked the default Plone site search is used but your site will still be searched by the University site-wide search (although you ought to tell us about your server to ensure this happen straight away).
    • Add your Institution ID and a search filter if you want to use one (a search filter covers a number of web servers but is expressed as a single expression - if you want to set one up see
  • ShareThis Publisher ID should be added to the next field if you want to use it for sharing content via the Sharing portlet, and the last option lets you select which sharing targets you want to appear in the portlet.