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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

During the development phase the site is accessed via a url of the form (which blocked from being indexed by Google) - before a site can be 'made live' a domain name (such as is associated with this name. The domain name for your site should be supplied either:

  • by the department within which the site is based - contact your IT staff to negotiate what a suitable domain for your site might be, and have it allocated
  • if it is cross-departmental you should consult your relationship manager here
  • by a request to Institution Strategy (, who agree domain names and can supply appropriate other advice about names, should your site be cross-departmental

We can only apply names to Falcon sites.

Further information about requesting domain names is available, including what domains might be available from Institution Strategy.

Once the name has been agreed the UIS needs to apply for and add a security certificate to the site (which can take 24 hours and more), and then the DNS needs to be updated to make the domain name live (which will happen overnight). If you have a date in mind when you want your site to be available, it is best to send your request to  a week or so ahead of time so that this preparatory work can be done.

The month that your site is made live becomes your billing month. We charge the initial £100 then and annually on that anniversary. It is possible to pay upfront for several years.