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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

When a Falcon site is initially set up for you it will be at an address such as

  • A user who is not logged on with Raven will be able to view published pages on this site at this address, so for a new site this will be the home page and those in the site navigation bar.
  • A user who is logged on with Raven will see the site at the address, for a new site they will see the same as an unlogged on user. However
    • A user who has editing or site administrator/manager access to the site will be able to see the editing bar on some or all the pages.
    • A user who has no specific access will only see the published pages and be denied access to unpublished pages.

The logged on administrators view of the site is different in that you see some elements that are hidden from visitors, most noticeably items in the log-in and navigation bars and in the editing bar, which gives you access to modify the contents of the web site. First you log on to the site:

When you have logged in you see the site like this:

Find out how to start editing your site content.

When your site was initially set up you were asked for some information about managers and a contact email for the site, which was recorded in the registration database. If you want to change or add managers or contact email, just let us know via email