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Help and support

News and Events are set up for you in the site by default. The default page for 'News' or 'Events' is formed by what's known as a collection (it assembles from the news or events postings that have been made) and so if in either folder you go to 'View' in the editing bar, and then select 'display', you will see it is set as folder display: 'item news' and 'item display: collection'. You can change this if you wish - some views look nicer than others and only the collection item display will contain any text you add (see next section) . Any item in either news or events can have an image associated with it. This will display when the news item is viewed, but in the listing it will only display in item display: summary view.

Be careful not to delete the news or events aggregator, which is the tool that puts your items into the correct date order in the list. If you do delete it by mistake, either go to 'Undo' to bring it back or contact  for assistance.

Editing the default page

You can change the heading that is on the default page for 'News' or 'Events' by going to 'edit' in the editing bar. The heading is the item labelled as 'Description', which by default will be 'Site News' or 'Events running in Cambridge' (depending on whether you are looking at 'News' or 'Events'). You can add content into the 'Body text' field, in the usual way.

You can limit the number of news stories that are listed on the page by checking the box 'Limit Search Results' and then adding the number of items you want in the following labelled field. (This may not occur to you until a lengthy list of items starts to accrue.)

If you wish, you could display the news stories as a table instead of as a list - you do this by checking the 'Display as Table' box and selecting which field you want to appear in it.