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Once you have people in your research directory you can explore the different ways you can display the list when you view the people in a research theme, a classification, department etc. We recommend that if you have many people in a list you use a display that doesn't show their images, as it increases the load time for the page.

The view in use may be changed by going to the 'display' pop-down list in the editing bar.

Main view of a directory

For the main view of the whole directory, such as use the display style 'tabular view', which the members of the directory listed in a table and adds the categories across the top, like this:

Tabular view of people in directory

or 'A-Z view', which adds an index across the top, like this:

A-z view of people in a directory

For a styled A-Z bar see - Adding an a-z selector bar to a page, or on multiple linked collections

Viewing subsets of a directory

For viewing shorter lists of members, you can also use 'gallery view' (shown at, for instance) which shows you any images that have been added to person profiles, all sized to 100px wide. If you want all pictures to look the same size then their proportions need to be the same so the scaled to 100px wide makes them uniform.