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There is an option to use collections with the research directory, but since the move to a new version of Plone in 2013, several things have happened to complicate this:

•          the new version of Plone uses a new type of collection, but the research directory plug-in still uses the old version, which is why if you look at the ‘Add new…’ list in the research directory it says ‘Collection (old-style)’:

•          existing old-style collections that have been migrated continue to work, however if they include sub-collections (which are not available in the new type of collection) you are effectively locked-out of being able to manage them.

•          You can use collections, for instance to create the a-z pages at . To create this you add a tag for every letter of the alphabet and associate the appropriate one with the profile of each member of the directory, then create a set of collections that list all the people with each letter, and pointing to these collections from the a-z strip at the top of each page. See Adding an a-z selector bar to a page, or on multiple linked collections for instructions.

See the section on collections for more help