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Note: The 'Research themes' link that appears in the navigation bar by default does not contain content of its own, instead it collects the information that you add to the research directory. You can rename this link if you want to, but it won’t change automatically.

By default a directory has no research themes, so you will have to decide on what you want and then add them. The folder is in a private state by default, so you will need to publish it when you want it to be visible. You can call this form of category something else, like ‘Research topics’, ‘Subject groups’, ‘Research groups’ – whatever best describes it. 

Users cannot add themselves to research themes, so the admin will have to do that. It can be done after they have edited their profiles. The simplest way is to approach it from the research theme page, which, when you edit it, allows you to go through the list of people in the directory and add them.

Renaming 'Research themes'

You rename 'Research themes' by selecting the item in the content view of the Research Directory, and selecting ‘Rename’:

Or navigate into Research themes in the Research directory, then on the green editing bar, go to ‘Actions’ and select ‘Rename’:

To add a new research theme

  • Navigate into the 'Research themes' folder from the left hand navigation of the research directory
  • Go to 'Add new…’ > ‘specialty' in the editing bar
  • Complete the Title for the new specialty and save (this will generate a short name that is a lowercased and hyphenated version of the title - you can edit this if it is very long). You can add other information - text, images, links, etc. and also link to people in the directory, but at this stage you might not want to.
  • You will see the new specialty added as a sub-list in the left-hand navigation.
  • Note: when you create and save a new research theme, you will end up in it. Make sure you move back up a level to the top level of the 'Research themes' folder before you add another specialty otherwise your next addition will be a sub-specialty.
  • Adding sub-specialties is a valid way to build a list of research themes. A problem is that when you look at the list of themes from a profile, the nesting disappears, so you need to ensure the sub-specialties make sense by themselves
  • To change the order in the left-hand navigation see Organising your left-hand navigation

 Adding a research topic

For each person’s listing in a research theme, you can assign a research topic – this doesn’t exist in their profile but as part of their relation with the research theme.


When you click on the link to assign a research topic, it’s important that you don’t change the short name of the entry – just fill in the rich text you wish to add in the ‘Research Topic’ box.