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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

At the top level of the directory the default view shows all the members of the directory on a list that cannot be edited: if you try to edit this page you will be editing the directory itself, as seen on the screen above when changing the title of the directory. Instead of showing this view, you can instead create a page and use that as the default view of the directory, in the usual way:

  • Go to ‘Add new…’ > ‘page’ and create page you want to use as the default view
  • Go to ‘'Research Directory Overview’ > ‘'Research Directory Overview’ and select the page you have created.

If you then want to have the option of showing all members of the directory, you will have to create a category for ‘all members’ and add all the directory members to it – this will be a continuous list, not split up into categories as the default page presentation was.

If you want to add on A-Z bar to the directory (similar to the instructions are available - Adding an a-z selector bar to a page, or on multiple linked collections

There is very little leeway for changing the headings and text on the screens that come out of the research directory – the only ones you can change are the two that are in the portal_properties configuration.