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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

To add a new profile, at the top level of the directory (/directory), go to Add new > Person

For a Raven-authenticated site

When starting a person profile you get the following screen (top only):

The fields with the red dots beside them are the only ones that you have to fill in – you should fill the others in depending on what sort of user your new person is and what you want them to be able to do. There is a grid shown below that shows the differences.

The short name field is what will appear in the url on their profile page. In the previous templates this was their - now, if you leave this field blank it will be completed by default with ‘firstname-lastname’ but you can edit it with whatever you choose. In a new directory you would be wise to standardize the short name and make sure it isn’t too long.

This is the information you need to use when creating a profile, depending on whose profile it is and what you want them to be able to do:

  • For an existing manager or member of a site: Leave Access Account ID field empty
  • For a new profile giving power to edit their entry: Add their into Access Account ID field
  • For a new profile unable to edit their entry: Leave Access Account ID field empty

You navigate through the several screens of information by using the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the screen or the navigation items at the top of the screen (only the first three of those navigation items are available to users when they log in to their profile). You must save your changes before you leave the profile.

If you create a profile for someone and later make them a manager via Site setup > Users and groups, you will need to leave their in the Access Account ID field, since that is their only authentication route (see later for more info).

For a Shibboleth-authenticated site

If your Falcon site is Shibboleth enabled and you want users to be able to edit their entries, leave the ‘Access Account ID’ field empty. Make sure you go to the [Contact Information] screen and fill in the user’s email address. When you have created and saved a profile, you will see the following link:

When the user receives the invitation by email and follows the link to log in with their Shibboleth credentials, the information will be collected into their profile. You can also invite users from the ‘Site setup’ > ‘Users and groups’ .