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In a similar way to adding research themes, you can add a list of departments/institutions or colleges so members of the directory can be grouped in that way. You can add individual institutions within the research directory folder so they appear in the left navigation, or you can collect all of them together into a folder that has been created for you at the top level of the site – which you choose depends on what you want to achieve.

The default folder is already prepared for you at the top level of the site but it is not displayed in the navigation bar.

  • Go to ‘contents’ view to access the folder ‘Departments’
  • You can change the short name and the title, if you wish it to be labeled differently (as ‘Colleges’, ‘Collaborating institutions’ or similar).

To add a new entry

  • Go to 'Add new…’ > ‘institution' in the editing bar
  • Complete the Short Name and Title for the new entry and save. You can add other information – URL, text, images, links, etc. and also link to people in the directory, but at this stage you might not want to.
  • You will see the new entry added as a sub-list in the left-hand navigation.