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Users cannot add themselves to classifications for their staff type (nor can they add themselves to research themes or other categorisations), so the admin will have to do that. It can be done after they have edited their profiles - until they are added to a staff classification then they won't appear in any list. By default the directory will have three classifications of member, shown in the left navigation at the top level of the directory - these are:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Graduate Students

The names of these classifications can be changed, the classifications can be removed and additional classifications can be added.

Each classification page can contain text, images etc. and from the classification page you can add members of the directory. For instance, here is a an edit view of the 'Graduate students' category in the CEI website

Graduate students category for CEI

If you click on 'add' you will see a list of all members of the directory so you can choose another. If 'Graduate student' is selected in a person's profile as a category, they will automatically appear in this list.

To change the name of or delete a classification

  • Go to the home page of your directory and click on the 'contents' tab on the editing bar.
  • Check the left-hand box next to the folder you wish to change - in this case 'Faculty' - to rename click on the 'rename' button at the bottom of the table.

Rename category


  • Fill in the new Short Name and Title that you want and click 'rename all'
  • To delete, click on the 'delete' button at the bottom of the table


  • Navigate into the classification you wish to rename. On the green editing bar, go to ‘Actions’ and select ‘Rename’

To add a classification

  • Go to 'add new' in the editing bar and select 'classification'


  • Complete the Short Name and Title for the new classification and save.
  • You will see the new classification added at the bottom of the left-hand navigation. To change the order in the left-hand navigation see Organising your left-hand navigation