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Falcon Content Management Service

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Each instance of Falcon is created with a person-based directory (initially called Research Directory) in which people are put into categories (such as Faculty, Staff, Graduate students), cross linked in 'specialties' (initially Research Themes) and could be linked with groups (initially called Institutions or Departments). People can also be linked to committees and collaborators.

By default, each site is created with a tab in the navigation bar titled ‘Research directory’, which shows the default empty directory structure. Each site also has a tab for ‘Research themes’ – this is an automatic listing of any research themes that are created in the research directory, created by using a collection, and the items in the list of themes link straight through to the research directory. If you don’t want to use the ‘Research themes’ tab you can unpublish it, and you can instead add an ordinary folder with a page and a manual list or individual pages.

Users can then view the people in the directory by way of research theme, staff type, department, etc. The cross linking can be created and edited either in the person's profile or in the category or group.

Before you first start to use your directory, you can choose which fields and labels you want to use - see 'Adding and removing fields in the profile view and changing some field titles (for admins)'.

By default people in the directory become members of the site, which is why their crsids are needed - once you have started their profile by adding their and their name, they will be able to log in themselves via their Raven credentials and fill in information, or the administrators can do it and ask them to correct the content.

Administrators setting up a research directory need to think about

  • The staff types you want for the people in the directory (known as classification)
  • The subject categories (initially Research Themes) that you want to put people in (known as specialties)
  • Whether you also want to put people in groups (initially called Institutions or Departments).
  • People can also be linked to a committee (which creates a group) and to collaborators.

Examples of directories may be found on these two Falcon sites:

A site can only have one Research directory.