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In order to present a collection, you need to first have information available and categorise it so that it can be collected. Decide what information you are collecting and create some tags, for instance if you have a large collection of information, organised by topic and you want to present slices of that information for different audience groups, you might choose 'staff', 'students', 'admins', 'visitors' as your tags. Think then about what information you want to present to those audiences:

  • decide what collection you want to create
  • tag the content you want to collect together with an identifiable marker
  • create a collection that makes a list of those items

Once you have worked out what you want to do, you start ascribing tags to the content. You can categorise a whole folder or individual pages in the same way:

  • Choose the edit tab from the editing bar
  • (If you are editing a whole folder and already have a default page set for that folder, you will have to ensure you edit the folder and not just that page.)
  • At the top of the page there are several links, of which 'Default' will be showing, with a red square by the side. Choose the link to the right of it, labelled 'Categorization'. The top of the page will look like this (except that this already has some tags added):

Adding categories to a folder or page

  • Type in your tag or tags for that page in the right side and save the page.

Once you have done this and saved, when you go back to this page or to another page, the category you just entered will be available under 'Select from existing tags' - just click on the check box of the categories you want to add.

Now to use these categories, you need to create a collection.