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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

The University website at will be moving to the new templates on or soon after 20 February. We have now set some dates when other websites will be moving to the new templates, or be able to adopt them.

20 February - the UCS website will move to the new templates. We will allow a week after this to see if any problems emerge.

4 March - other Falcon sites will be able to move to Project Light templates. From 4 March, new Falcon sites will have Project Light templates by default.

We are expecting Raven, and to move to the new templates soon after 20 February.

We can move existing live sites directly to the Project Light style without involving falcon-test sites: site managers can then add carousels, teasers and so forth in their own time. Following this procedure:

  1. There is no danger of the test site diverging from the main site.
  2. It is substantially less work for us. With 120 Falcon sites, less work is good news.

While I should be able to convert a falcon-test site into a live site, I need to emphasise _very strongly_ that we have no way to merge changes from the live and test sites. I think that this route only makes sense if someone asks us to discard and repopulate their falcon-test site with the intention of making the new test site live 24 - 48 hours later.

We only wish to move two Falcon sites a day and wish to start with the busiest sites so that we can spot any emerging problems. There is already a list of sites who wish to move during the week of 4 March - please email  with requests and we will timetable your move.