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Starting in end March, we will be gradually moving sites to Plone 4.1 and adding some style upgrades that have been outstanding for a while. These are as follows:

- Portlet styling: the portlets for quick upload, Ploneboard update and Review have now all been styled like the other portlets
- Under certain conditions (with some mobile devices connected through an internet provider) there was a viewing problem with pages, which has now been fixed
- Minor cosmetic issues in almost all colour defining stylesheets have been fixed and a new colour has been created (for a department but available to all)
- The size of the headers (h1, h2, h3 and h4) has been adjusted to make them all slightly larger. The interaction of the new Plone 4 styles and our stylesheet had reduced them to the point that h3 and h4 were barely noticeable.
- The styles have been changed to remedy a problem with the non-display of the page title (the h1) on pages with no left hand navigation. I introduced this problem inadvertently when fixing it for the home page in Plone 4. It will affect you only if, to remedy the probelm you have manually added an h1 heading to the content area of a page, in which case you will see a duplication of the h1 headings and you will need to edit out the one you manually added. This is likely to be the only disruptive change out of this batch.
- If you make link in a heading, the heading will now show as link colour.
- To accommodate people adding logos and other images with white backgrounds, I have added a style that you can use with an image to remove the border. After you have added the image, you will need to go into the html, find the code for the image and add a class "noborder" after the class that's already there, for instance:

<img class="image-right" alt="The Service Desk" src=""">">

can be edited to

<img class="noborder image-right" alt="The Service Desk" src=""">">