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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

Studying at Cambridge



Logo for UCS


The admin bar of the site when you are logged in








Adding an image

Publishing an image (or page)

CEI logo


The default footer in your falcon site


The contents of the edited footer folder


Contents tab of the editing bar


Administration bar


How a default home page looks


Editing view of default home page


Bottom part of edit screen for default home page

HTML view in editor pane

Insert internal link (icon)

Insert external link (icon)

Insert numbered list (icon)

Insert bulletted list (icon)

insert internal link (icon)

Manage portlets below content link on home page

Manage portlets screen

Options in portlet pop-down list

Portlet calendar for home page content area

Adding an Events portlet (similar for News and Jobs)

Feedmixer portal screen completed for two-feed mix

Example of Feedmixer portal showing 7 most recent titles

RSS portal showing a feed

Example of home page links box portlet

Screen for links box portlet set up

Static text portlet example

Portlet screen for static text box

Calendar portlet for right-hand column

Default right-hand portlet for a falcon site

Right hand portlet management screen

Use 'seo properties' tab to add metadata to pages

Right-hand portlet link box

Right-hand portlet section linkbox

Right-hand portlet styled as 'section'

Set up screen for link box

RSS feed in right-hand column

Adding a research theme

Add a new department to the department and institutes list

Portals in content area of home page

Display menu

Contact link

Setting the content for the contact link

Contact form

Default contact for for Falcon site.

Exclude folder from site navigation

Exclude folder from site navigation

Edit folder

Edit folder to remove from navigation bar


Re-ordering items in top level folder to change order in site navigation bar

rss icon

Icon for rss feed url

spanner icon

Icon giving access to form controls


Components of form that you can change and edit

Uk Federation login screen

Default screen for setting workflow

Setting Cambridge users for site

States on Cambridge-only pages

Usual state options

Normal publication state, published

Normal publication state, unpublished

Internally published state

Message directing you to container settings

Exclude from left navigation

Robots.txt editing screen

Body text editing box



external link

Rename folder

Rename category

Add classification

Graduate students category for CEI

Add research theme

Tabular view of people in directory

A-z view of people in a directory

Default appearance for new logged in user

Criteria added to a collection

Publish folder

Publishing screen

Publishing many items


insert-image icon

insert-image icon

insert image screen

uploaded images list

options for adding image


Table insert icon

extra portlets

adding portlets


saving criteria details

setting criteria

collection list

collection table

collection table 2