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Falcon Content Management Service

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Note: At the moment (January 2015) metadata can't be added to the Teaser home page. We will be adding a way to do this in our next release. Below is how you can add metadata to other pages.


Metadata is information about a page that is used by search engine indexers to gain information about the page. In Falcon you can (and should think of) adding metadata to any page, particularly those that have complex content that people may search for with a wide variety of search terms - you can add keywords to the metadata that will cause the page to be found even though those words aren't in the text of the page.

Even if you aren't going to add metadata on all pages, you should do so for your home page. When on your page, select the 'seo properties' tab on the editing bar:

Use 'seo properties' tab to add metadata to pages

This will take you to a long screen with extensive opportunities to

  • Override or change the title tag
  • Add a meta description tag
  • Add a meta keywords tag
  • Add an HTML comment to the page
  • Add a robot tag
  • Add a distribution tag, a canonical URL or add custom meta tags

Of these, you should add meta description and keywords tags to important pages - in most cases none of the others would be particularly useful. In occasional circumstances it might be useful for you to have a different title tag to the h1 heading used on the page (which is the default position, along with the site name).

To change or add any tags, check the 'Override' box by the term you want to change and add the term or terms in the text box below. There are adequate instructions on the page. Remember to save your changes when you have finished.