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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

The home page of your Falcon site is organised differently from how you create other pages on your site, since it incorporates tools that allow you to add styled information easily. By default it looks like this:


The home page for your falcon site is already for you to edit or assemble.  Once you have logged in, if at the top level of your site you look at the ‘Display’ tab in the editing bar, you will see that there are two options:

If you leave the display settings as they are, you can use the ‘Edit’ tab in the normal way to add content to the page. If you access the ‘Manage portlets’ link, you see these options available

This display option allows you to add a large image (or several to make a carousel), which will appear at the top of the page, and portlets on the right side of the page. This can be thought of as a simple type of home page, and will be what you’ll see when content is migrated into the new templates from the old templates.

The alternative setting on the ‘Display’ tab is for the ‘Teaser home page’, which is the home page design the new templates are been built for.