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Number Fields

Decimal Number Field and Whole Number Field What they do: Each provides an input box for which the type (decimal or integer) and range of permitted values are set. Unfortunately the permitted range is not shown so if an input is outside of the range when the form is submitted the user will receive...

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Lines Field

What it does: Adds a text box which can either be empty ready for input, or pre-filled with text to be modified. Similar in function to the Text Field but has the newline feature (lines entered remain as lines rather than a block of text). Examples: <Edit tab> notes: Set up is intuitive.

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Password Field

What it does: Displays a field which contains a default password or to which a password can be input. The password is not revealed but hidden using asterisk characters. Example: <Edit tab> notes: Set up is intuitive. The field label can be changed from the default 'Password' to other...

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Rich Text Field

What it does: Adds a field which includes a Rich Text editor. Input can thus be slightly more interesting than plain text. Example: <Edit tab> notes: Change the default Field Label of 'Rich Text' to a more meaningful title e.g. 'Content to include:'.

Read more at: String Field

String Field

What it does: Provides an input field which may be empty or pre-populated. A Validator is provided which can help protect against spam being inputted, the most common use being to validate the correct format of an email address. Example: <Edit tab> notes: Set up is intuitive. For multiple...

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Text Field

What it does: Provides an input field for a larger amount of text than would be suitable for the one line String Field. The field may be empty or pre-populated with text. Example: <Edit tab> notes: Use the Field Help section to include any user instructions for what the Text Field should...