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A fieldset is a delineated enclosure of content. Subdividing a form into fieldsets promotes readability of the form's different sections. An example:




Steps to create fieldsets on your form.

1. Add a new Fieldset Folder to the existing Form Folder.

2. Populate the vacant fields under the Default tab, and select 'Show Title as Legend' if so desired, then Save.

3. Open up this new Fieldset Folder and add new form fields to appear within this fieldset.


Should the border not appear for your fieldset, you will need to add the following styles to your Custom CSS (ask an Admin of the site to do this for you):

#content fieldset {border:1px #329fd7 solid; padding: 15px 15px 0px; margin-bottom:15px;width:90%;}
#content fieldset legend {font-size:130%; font-weight: 600;padding: 0 10px; width:auto;}