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Forms with a very large number of fields

Each page or subdivision of the form, i.e. a collection of related fields or sections, should be created using a form folder. So, for example, a form containing Personal Data, Conference Data, and Payment sections would consist of three form folders under one folder named ABC Conference Registration.

The umbrella folder 'ABC Conference Registration' needs to display the first page/ form folder as its default view, so set this via the folder's View tab, Display option, 'Select a content item as default view...':



Next the latter pages/ form folders need to be excluded from the navigation, otherwise a user may inadvertently enter the process mid-form.


All the form folders except for the last one will need to have the following settings:

Submit Button Label field set to 'Next', 'Next page', or 'Continue' etc

Action Adapter Mailer option unchecked.

Thanks Page option set to 'None'.

The last form folder will need:

Submit Button Label field set to 'Submit', 'Complete', or 'Send' etc

Action Adapter Mailer option checked.

Thanks Page option set to a thanks page of your choice.


Now it is time to add form fields to each form folder as required. On each subsequent 'page' (i.e. within each form folder), you will need to create hidden replica fields for those on the preceding page. In this way the data inputted into the original field gets transmitted through the pages to the final page with the Submit button.

 An example:

In the following screenshot image, you will see that the String Field 'Your E-Mail Address' (within the Personal Data form folder) has a Short Name of 'email'.

So on the subsequent pages, the Conference Data and Payment form folders, you will need to add a hidden String Field with the same Short Name:


To direct the user to the next page in the sequence of form pages when the Next button is clicked, the Edit tab, Overrides tab is configured for each form folder except for the last one. In the Custom Success Action box insert the following text with 'page-name' replaced by the name of the next page/form folder:



An example:


Lastly, once all the form fields have been created and ordered onto the pages and the pages themselves placed in order, the configuration of the form output takes place using the last form folder.