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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support
  • In the 'view' tab of the editing bar, go to 'add new...' and select 'form folder'
  • Give this a suitable shortname and title (to replace the standard contact form the short name will need to be 'contact-info' and it will have to live at the top level of the site).
  • The default setting for the page is to generate a mailing form with a submit button and a thanks page being shown after a successful submission.
  • You can add a form prologue (content on the page above the form) and/or a form epilogue (content on the page below the form.
  • Try a test first to get a feel of what the page looks like.
  • When you have saved the form, the page will have a small spanner icon in the right top corner (spanner icon). If you click on this icon it will give you access to the options in the form so that you can change or edit them - if you edit the page in the normal way you will get access to the page you just used to set up the form.



  • You can add further options to your form by going to the 'view' tab of the editing bar, go to 'add new...' and select one out of the list. You will need to name the additional option and it will then be added to the original form.

You will find more documentation on forms at

Ultimately there will be a more extensive tutorial here.