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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

Adding items for any of these special types of content works in a similar way. Once you are in the appropriate folder, going to the 'edit' tab and selecting add new... will give you a pop-down selection that only consists of a new item for that information type - news item, event or job. There is a large amount of detail that you can add in each case - if you don't add information in fields then the empty fields will not appear on the published page. When you have saved the item, it won't be visible until you publish it. To do this, select the right-hand 'state' tab and choose 'publish' from the pop-down. If you wish to assemble the content in full before publishing it, you can publish the folder and contents later.

It is probably a good idea to have a practice with the kind of items you might want to publish. As with the publishing process in general within Falcon, you can choose to publish at a particular time and date and retract the item at a given date and time.

When you have published an item, if you have the news, events and/or jobs portlets set to appear on pages, then they will become live with links to the detail. These portlets appear because the streams of information generate an rss feed, so you could then direct other sites to these rss feeds (the URL appears when you hover over the rss icon (rss icon). If there is no icon, for instance in an 'events' portlet, the URL will be http://yoursite/events/aggregator/RSS

If you are showing the calendar in your portlets, the events will also become a link in the calendar.

Amalgamating your feed with others

If you want to show an amalgamation of the news from your site with rss feeds of news from other sites, you can. Instead of using a news portlet, use a feed mixer portlet and add a URL in the form http://yoursite/news/aggregator/RSS along with the other URLs. You can use the same technique to show an amalgamated events or jobs feed. The URL for your jobs section will be in the form http://yoursite/jobs/aggregator/RSS