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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

To change the order of the items in your site navigation bar:

  • Go to the home page for the site and select the 'contents' tab in the editing bar. You will see a table showing the contents of the site.
  • The items that have been published (appear in blue rather than red) will be in your navigation bar, unless you have excluded them (see 'Keeping content out of your site navigation bar' for how to do that).
  • Down the left side of the table on each line there is an icon made up of dots which you click and drag then release to move items up and down. When you click and drag the line turns yellow:

  • To see the order change, use the 'view' tab.
  • Remember that if you have some items 'hidden' from normal users by keeping them unpublished, you (and other managers) will be able to see them in the navigation bar when you are logged in.