skip to content has some scripting available that lets you add information about upcoming talks as a table in the content area of the page.

To use this feature you must first allow javascript to be added in your content. This is not without risk, especially if you have several managers and content editors, since javascript can be used to allow malign access to the site.

To adjust your html filtering to allow the script to be retained do this:

  • go to Site Setup and select HTML filtering
  • under 'Nasty tags', select 'script' and then 'Remove selected items'
  • under 'Stripped tags', select 'script' and then 'Remove selected items', then save

To find the code to add for a specific series:

  • go to the series of talks and click on 'Further detail':
  • On the next page, under 'Other views and ways to subscribe', go to 'Create Custom View'.
  • There are a number of options, for a first attempt, select 'Default look' from section 2 and 'For embedding in your web page (we provide the css)' from section 3.
  • You will then see code at the bottom of the page, which is what you need to copy and paste into your page.
  • Paste in the code and then save and refresh the page.

Note: If you are using Firefox v23 or above, you will not see any content in the editing view of the page (https://) but if you go to the user view of the page (http://) you will see it.