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You have two options for adding RSS feeds to your Falcon site - the portlets 'RSS feed' and 'Feedmixer'. The main difference between the two is that the first allows you to add one RSS feed and the second, more than one. But also, the first will show the description field of the first story in the feed (if there is one), whereas the second does not. This is often helpful, but sometimes if there is a problem with the feed, it isn't.

Bear in mind that you can

  • use a 'Feedmixer' portlet for only one feed and remove the problematic description field - this is particularly appropriate if you use feeds from the University jobs web service (see below).
  • include your news or events feed URL in a 'Feedmixer' portlet with other feeds, if you want to create a 'superlist'. The standard feed URLs will be http://site/news/aggregator/RSS or http://site/events/aggregator/RSS, where site is your site name.

Many rss feeds rendered on a page, display an icon by the side of them which is linked to the rss feed itself. If you use a 'RSS feed' portlet you will see one of these has been generated (so someone else could show your feed) - if you use a 'Feedmixer' portlet you won't see one because you will commonly be showing more than one feed.

Using and finding the url of a rss feed

For a single feed, the way to find the URL is detailed below. You can aggregate several feeds and reorder them in before you pick up the rss of the feed.

You can also add the content of a feed as a table in the content area of a page - see Adding a table of info using javascript

To find or build the url of a 'University jobs' feed