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When you first look at your site, on the home page you will see a  'Manage portlets' link at the bottom of the page. If you add right-hand portlets to the home page, they will be used on any other page you add to the site unless you change the settings on that new page to block them (see below for how to do this).

On the teaser home page you can add portlets in the main content area as well as to the right side - on all other pages you only get the opportunity to add a main picture or carousel plus portlets on the right side.

Changing the inherited portlets

When starting with portlets, the best place to think about first is your home page. Portlets that are added to the right of the home page will be inherited through folders in the site unless you block them, but don't let that influence you as it is quite an easy task.

When you look at pages and folders in your site, you will see that portlets from the right side of the home page appear. If you wish to add different ones and/or remove the ones currently shown, click on the 'Manage portlets' link. You will then see a screen something like this:

First decide if you want to block the right-hand portlets on a single page or the whole folder.

  • If you want to block the whole folder, click the link in the yellow 'Info' box to go to the folder.
  • If you want to block the portlets just on a single page the go straight into the following.

If you want to block inherited portlets (you can only block all or none), go to the 'parent portlet' popdown lists and select 'block', then click on the 'save settings' button at the bottom of the column:

Adding new portlets

If you want to add portlets, select the 'Add portlet' pop-down list, and the options available look like this:

This is what they are all for:

  • Calendar portlet: Adds the standard Plone calendar
  • Carousel portlet: The carousel portlet is only usable on sites using the old templates and will be removed once all sites have been migrated.
  • Collection portlet: Information to come.
  • Events: Along with separate but similar portlets for News and Jobs, this portlet collects the titles of Events and displays them as a list with a link to the full entries.  You can select how many items to display - you should leave the Workflow state as configured, unless you have special reasons to do otherwise.
  • Feedmixer and RSS Feed: These portlets are both for adding RSS feeds to your page. The first allows you to mix two or more RSS feeds together, while the second allows you to just insert one feed. Adding a Feedmixer portlet, you will see the following set-up screen:

Since the links for the different feeds look the same, you need to be careful that you give the portlet an accurate title. Be aware that there may be quite long titles and displaying 7 items, as here, could take up quite a lot of space. This is the portal as displayed on the home page:

To add a single RSS feed portlet, the set-up screen is very similar but only a single rss feed can be added. Do be aware that Falcon will not publish badly structured (invalid) feeds - the Feedmixer portal will not work at all if one of the feeds is badly structured.

The RSS portal has been set up to recognise RSS feeds from and alter the footer text accordingly.

Additional information is available about Finding the URLs of RSS feeds.

  • Link box: A link box in the right-hand column looks similar to this:


To achieve a links box that looks like this, at the portlet set-up screen the following information has been entered (above this you enter the link box title and any URL you want the title to link to):

Once the lines for the URLs and link text have been added, the order can be changed by moving lines up and down with the arrow icons. Lines can be added and removed using the + and - controls.

  • Quick Upload Portlet: Add this portlet to a folder to allow quick upload of multiple files or images. You just need to use the default configuration for it.
  • Recent ploneboard conversations and Review list: These portlets are for specialist use, the first for showing activity on any forums/message boards you have one the site, and the second for showing to the site managers any pages from contributors that need to be published.
  • Static text portlet: This is useful if you need to make a long-term announcement or add a block of text that refers elsewhere for full information. To produce a static text box that looks like this:

Static text portlet example

The set-up screen looks like this:

Portlet screen for static text box

You can use this to add an image or an iframe and remove the border, by checking the box next to 'Omit portlet border'.

  • Teaser portlet: A teaser portlet looks similar to this:

The image used should be sized to 349 x 125 px.