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To quickly upload multiples images, you will need to add the quick upload portlet to the folder where you want to add the images or files (see Adding right-hand portlets).

Remember that the portlet is added to the folder - it's easier to use it in the 'contents' view. When the portlet has been added it will look like this:

  • Click the browser button to locate the images or files you wish to upload then 'shift-click' to select mutliple files, and clikc OK.
  • The portlet will now list the files, as shown here:

  • Here you can add titles for the files/images if you wish to, before you upload, then click 'upload files'.
  • After a brief pause, you will see the files appear in the folder. If you are uploading many files/images, and don't want them listed in the left-hand navigation, create a folder to upload them into, or move them to a folder after upload, and exclude the folder from navigation. Don't name the folder 'images', as there is a top-level folder of that name and Falcon's intelligent finding may be cause confusion with multiple folders of the same name.