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By default there is a folder for images at the top level of your Falcon site. It is usually good practice to keep your images together in one place so that you can easily find them and re-use them if necessary. There is no requirement to do this, and if it is easier for your circumstances to keep images in folders throughout the site this is fine, although for effective management of content it is better not to spatter images throughout all folders on the site. If you have multiple folders for images, ensure they are named differently.

You can upload images as a process or you can upload them when you wish to add them to a page - the method is slightly different, as shown in.

Note: If you are using a research directory on the site, the head-shot image that is added is uploaded directly to the research directory and is not stored as normal images in a folder. Any other images that are added to a profile have to be stored outside the research directory, so you will need to set up a folder to which research directory members are given access.

Some folders don't allow image upload

If there is no offer for adding images in the 'Add new...' popdown, then the folder won't allow upload of images - this will include the research directory, news and events. If you want to add images to a rich text field in a research profile or a news story, then the images will have to be uploaded in the folder elsewhere and then they can be used as normal. You will need to give appropriate names to these image folders and add access permissions for the potential users.

Image formats

JPEG and GIF images should be supported by all browsers but TIFF images will have limited support and should be avoided.