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Falcon Content Management Service

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To do this follow these steps:

  • Go to the home page for your site
  • Click on the 'add new' tab on the editing bar and select 'folder' from the pop-down list:


  • Name the folder (both the short name and the full name). If you do nothing, the short name will be automatically generated by lowercasing and hyphenating the title. You can add your own shortname or edit the one generated, but it must not contain either upper case letters or spaces.
  • You are then taken to the folder, and if you are ready, you should publish it (select the right-hand 'state' tab and choose 'publish' from the pop-down). If you wish to assemble the content in full before publishing it, you can publish the folder and contents later.

Removing the folder from the navigation bar

  • If you add a page or a folder at the top level of the site, you  will see that the folder has by default been added to the navigation bar. To remove it from the navigation bar, click on it, so you are in the folder, then select 'edit' from the editing bar:


  • Then select 'Settings' from the bar at the top of the editing screen:


  • and then, from the choices on the following screen, select 'Exclude from navigation' and click 'save':


  • The tab for that folder will disappear from the navigation bar.

If the folder already has a default page selected, when you go to edit it, make sure you click on the link in the info box so access the whole folder: