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Falcon Content Management Service

Help and support

These changes will be incorporated into the help pages by the end of May 2017.


  • 'LinkedIn' added to social media portlet and to alternatives for Linkbox portlet
  • Carousel portlet removed from new sites - yet to be removed from existing sites.
  • 'Below Content Portlets' removed from home page.
  • Extra formatting added to oEmbed portlet to allow for caption and optional removal of heading from display (similar to that possible in static text portlet).
  • An (image) <title> field added for the teaser portlets on the home page


For carousel images on second level pages, if you add an image wider than the proscribed size (883px and wider) it fills the width of the page


  • Restyled images that have captions so they now all work as they ought.
  • Inadvertently created quick way of making inline images 100% width - adding a caption that is just a space will do this and add no extra space below image.


Added new styling for the forms Thanks page content.


  • Removed old style tags for blockquotes from TinyMCE
  • Added table styling for first row of table <TH> to TinyMCE
  • For anything smaller than tablet portrait ie. mobile devices minimum width changed from 400 to 320


  • Entry size style adjusted in fsd specialties
  • For 'Other collaborators' link added on their name, rather than a separate link'


15 May 2017; roll out to all sites over following fortnight